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Every year the Netherlands receives many thousands of visitors, mostly in and around Amsterdam, a city famous for its historic town centre, its canals and its museums. 
Those of you who haven’t visited our country yet may still be familiar with our tulips, windmills, sailing history and our most famous painters: Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh. 
In case you are planning a visit, you will find tourist information under the footer NL-tourism.

Our shop collection is deeply rooted in Dutch tradition: authentic hand-made/ hand-painted Royal Delft ceramics.
If you are knowledgeable about Delft Blue earthenware than you already know that Porceleyne Fles factory is not only the oldest surviving producer of Delftware, but also the most respected for its artistry. 
"Since the end of the 19th Century many companies have imitated Porceleyne Fles and tried to "steal its thunder".
But few have come even close, and none have surpassed Porceleyne Fles."
 (Read more at: Delfthuis)

Oranda Originals makes every effort to gain your trust and satisfaction as a customer by offering a range of Royal Delft ceramic products, by enabling secure payment, and by traceable shipping to your house or office. All items come in a Royal Delft gift box, which makes for a perfect presentation!

Enjoy the craftsmanship of Royal Delft. Handmade in the Netherlands since 1653.


Business address: Wittehemelweg 2, 6996AZ Drempt, Netherlands

Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration number 000038294729

Contact: info@oranda-originals.com

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