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About PayPal

In the global economy PayPal has quickly become a new standard for 100% secure internet payment.
At the PayPal platform you pay either directly with your credit card or via your personal PayPal account.

Your personal financial data, including the credit card number, are not transferred to the selling party. All data transfer and storage are encrypted and fully protected by PayPal. Therefore, you are not leaving a digital footprint of your financial data on the internet when using PayPal.

Via their buyer's protection programme PayPal will refund the total cost of purchase and shipment, in case ordered products are not delivered.

How to use PayPal

After completing your order and shipping data in our webshop you will be transferred to the PayPal payment gateway, shown in your own language. Via the button Pay with a credit card you enter the Paypal guest checkout.

Note: button may sometimes read as Check out as a Guest or as Create New Account. This will also allow you to pay directly with a Credit card, without creating an account.

These are the credit cards you may use:

Note: when you use PayPal with your credit card, you still get your credit card loyalty points.

Now enter/ complete your credit card data, billing address and contact information. As stated, these data are not shared with Oranda Originals. After pushing the Pay now button your transaction is completed.

Via the button Return to webshop you will find some closing remarks from Oranda Originals. After payment you will  receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal, as well as from Oranda Originals. That’s where the delivery process starts!

Note: If you like to use PayPal for future internet purchases you can choose to create a PayPal account, free of charge. A PayPal account couples your credit card number to your e-mail address, in combination with a password. This coupling is only activated after PayPal has verified (after a day or two) that you are the legitimate owner of the specified data. After activation you can login to your account to make further internet payments in a single step.

PayPal cost

We kindly ask you to contribute a fixed charge of 3 euro (390 Yen) to cover part of the cost of PayPal service. This amount will be added to the cost in your shopping cart.

In summary

  • PayPal offers secure and convenient internet payment.
  • Payment is done directly by creditcard or via a PayPal account.
  • PayPal offers buyer protection.

Oranda Originals guarantees that ordered products are delivered. If not, PayPal will refund your total cost of purchase, including cost of shipping.


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