Oranda Originals: ロイヤル・デルフト ギフトショップ

Platters Serve & Dip

価格: ¥11,050.00
重量: 2500 g
quantity 数量
  • オーセンティックなオランダの商品
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商品コード: RD/M113_20210508224303


Blueware platters Serve & Dip for serving sushi, tapas or cheese
The Versatile Serve is great for shared dining thanks to its larger size, whereas the Versatile Dip is great for dishes with a dipping sauce thanks to the circle at the top right. 

Delft Blue meets Dutch design: by Damian O’Sullivan.


  • Royal Delft / handmade / miscellaneous
  • Porcelain / transfer technique / Delft Blue
  • Versatile Serve: 32 x 32 cm / Versatile dip: 16 x 24 cm
  • Dishwasher safe / not suitable for magnetron



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